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Is mass spectrometry showing you only the tip of the iceberg?

Is your analysis software limiting the research questions you can answer?

Does trying to resolve overlapping fragment ion spectra give you a headache?

Are you losing valuable time optimizing online chromatography?

Are your analyses blind to some compounds, like structural isomers?

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Merging ion mobility and mass spectrometry greatly enhances compound characterization. Generating complementary information about ions, the paired tools tease apart compound mixtures and resolve molecules that are indistinguishable based on their mass-to-charge alone.

Flexibility to Empower Your Ideas

Introducing timsTOF - a novel high-performance QTOF mass spectrometer equipped with high-resolution Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS) and a range of unique capabilities designed to put you in control.

How? timsTOF was engineered as an open platform and imeX technology enables the flexibility to adapt ion mobility resolution to your experimental needs. Now you can approach research questions in innovative ways. All that is missing is your curiosity and expertise.

Are you TOF enough?

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